Thursday, March 29, 2012

Co-Producer Corinne Spicer Attached

Mattson Productions welcomes co-producer Corinne Spicer.

Corinne Spicer was born in Joplin, Missouri to a family of car dealers. As a kid she learned she could talk people into doing just about anything, just like Tom Sawyer could convince the kids to do his chores. Instead of yard work, however, she talked the neighborhood kids to re-enact her favorite TV shows or got them to act in one of the plays she wrote/produced/directed and starred in making her mother watch it all. Being ahead of her time Corinne used skills of improvisation and making the audience part of the show, stuff she didn't learn about until later in life. It finally occurred to her one day that she needed to be in a bigger city and move away from her small town in the Ozark Mountains, she was 4 at the time. At the age of 9 she wrote her plan to go to college in Boston and then move to Los Angeles. At 18 she got on a plane to Boston and at 22 she graduated from Emerson College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After graduating she settled in Los Angeles where she has been working every since. Corinne has had jobs in all kinds of fields in the entertainment industry. She's been in casting, worked as a voice over session runner, as an assistant director, actor and producer.  If it's in front of a camera, behind a camera, in a sound booth or on a stage as long as she's being creative, she's happy. She now takes her can do attitude and talks others into working on real film productions having several films she's collaborated on going the festival circuit with many more to come.

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